Positive training


Companion animals greatly enrich our lives, and in return, they deserve to be treated with dignity and given the opportunity to reach their potential in the time they spend with us. Dog-friendly positive reinforcement based training enables us to teach dogs the skills necessary to live happily together with us.

Jacob uses force-free training methods that are based in the science of Applied Animal Behavior. These methods are effective for teaching and changing behavior; and of equal importance, they make training fun for both dogs and people.

Jacob specializes in "Clicker Training." He is a graduate of the prestigious professional trainer program at the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Behavior and Training where he received advanced instruction from the foremost experts in this science based training method.

Clicker Training

Clicker training uses a distinct sound to communicate to the dog exactly when she does what you're looking for, and then you make it work for the dog by following the click with a reward she enjoys (such as treats). It was developed by laboratory scientists, made popular by marine mammal trainers, and has been successfully applied to almost all species.

This type of operant training works because the animal quickly learns desired behaviors through clear communication and generous positive reinforcement. It fosters a team effort that builds mutual respect and results in an animal that enjoys learning and responds with enthusiasm. Clicker training also teaches the dog to become a thinking participant in the training process and results in a confident dog with greater creativity and initiative. Dogs familiar with this method can learn new behaviors quickly and have long term recall of what they have learned.

Jacob is skilled in basic and cutting edge advanced clicker training techniques; such as: micro-shaping, complex behavior chains, targeting, fluency, and compound and modifier cues.